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The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Smart Vocabulary The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Smart Vocabulary

Table of Contents

Part 1—The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and More: People Words

Chapter 1—It Takes All Kinds: Types of People
A Few Good Men (and Women)
Boors, Tyrants, and Other Nasty Folk
Confidants and Cronies: Words for Friends
Adversaries and Antagonists: Words for Enemies
Big Shots: Words for Important People
Small Frys: Words for Unimportant People

Chapter 2—More People Types
Ideologues and Apostates: Believers and Non-Believers
A Few Fan Words
Curmudgeons and Other Grumpy People
Cadres and Cliques: Groups of People

Chapter 3—How People Behave, Part 1
I, Me, Mine: Selfish Behavior
Party Types and Talkers: Adjectives for Outgoing People
Homebodies: Adjectives for Shy and Quiet People
Words for People We Like
Words for People We Don't Like

Chapter 4—How People Behave, Part 2
Following the Wind: Words for Changeable People
Immovable Objects: Words for Stubborn People
Fightin' Words: A Hostility Lexicon
Living La Vida Lazy: Adjectives for the Inactive
Some Tricky Behavior Words

Chapter 5—How People Think
A Thinking Person's Guide to Thought
The Search for Knowledge
Words to the Wise: Terms for Intelligence
A Fool and His Words: Terms for Stupidity
The Mind Field: Terms from Psychology

Chapter 6—How People Look
Hale, Hearty, and Hunky: Attractiveness
Soft, Scruffy, and Unsightly: Unattractiveness
It's a Small Word After All: Terms for the Tiny
A Lexicon for the Large
Some Informal and Slang Terms for Various Body Parts

Part 2—And Now, Some Words From Our Culture

Chapter 7—A Few Food Words to Chew On
A Cornucopia of Food Words
Verbs for Eating
Verbs for Cooking
Fine Word Dining: Restaurant Terms

Chapter 8—Drink Words on Tap
Taking a Swig: Verbs for Drinking
A Draft of Beer Words
The Message on the Bottle: Wine Words
Mixed Drinks: Miscellaneous Liquid Refreshments

Chapter 9—Screen Gems: Television Words
Words You Should Know If You're Buying a TV
The Ratings Game: TV Programming Words
Docudramas, Infomercials, and Other TV Programs
Kickers and Stand-Ups: Television News Terms
From Boob Tube to Couch Potato: TV Slang

Chapter 10—The Book Nook: Book and Publishing Terms
From Bluestockings to Bookworms: Book Folk
From Manuscript to Galley: Book Editing
The Book Look: Book Parts and Pages
The Business of Publishing

Chapter 11—The Lexical Enquirer: Newspaper Words
Newspaper Odds and Ends
Editors and Their Departments
Newspaper Journalism and Journalists
Thumbsuckers and Tick-Tocks: Words for News Stories
The Anatomy of a News Story

Part 3—Lexiconomics: Words from the Economy

Chapter 12—Words at Work: Job Titles and Professions
General Job Jargon
Gaffers, Grips, and Best Boys: Movie Workers
The Corporate Ladder: Some Top Business Titles
Smiths, Wrights, and Other Tradespeople
Medicine Men and Women

Chapter 13—The Commercial Word: Terms from Business and Economics
Supply-Siders and Keynesians: Words and Phrases from Economics
The Business of Business
Business Finances: From Balance Sheet to Cash Flow
New Words from the New Economy

Chapter 14—Business Buzzword Buster
Buzzwords I: "24/7" to "Buy In"
Buzzwords II: "Core Competencies" to "Exit Strategy"
Buzzwords III: "Going Forward" to "Litmus Test"
Buzzwords IV: "Low-Hanging Fruit" to "Paradigm Shift"
Buzzwords V: "Solution Provider" to "Win-Win"

Chapter 15—Bulls, Bears, and Blue Chips: Stock Market Words
Stock Talk: Some General Stock Words
What Goes Up, Etc.: Words for Stock Market Movements
Buy Low, Sell High, Talk Funny: Buying and Selling Terms

Part 4—The System: Words for How the World Works

Chapter 16—Legal Lingo
"I'll See You in Court": Lawsuits and Charges
"All Rise": Judge and Jury Words
"Order in the Court": Trial Terms
"We Find the Defendant[el]": Verdicts and Judgments

Chapter 17—Weasel Words from Politics and Government
Stump to Stalking Horse: Election Words
Government Words of the People, by the People, for the People
When Good Politicians Go Bad: Corruption Words
Some Political "Isms"
Government By, Well, Whoever You Want

Chapter 18—War and Peace: Military, Spying, and Diplomatic Terms
A War of Words
An Aside on the Suffix "-cide"
U.S. Military Ranks
U.S. Military Units
Spies, Spooks, and Sleepers: Espionage Words
The Art of the Deal: Some Words from Diplomacy

Part 5—Technolinguistics: Computer and Internet Terms

Chapter 19—A Glossary for Computer Buyers
It's What's Inside that Counts: The Microprocessor
Getting Through the Memory Maze
The Dope on Disk Drives
Graphics Cards, Monitors, and Other Video Jargon
Sound Cards, Modems, and More

Chapter 20—More Computer Words
"Bit to WYSIWYG": General Computer Terms
"Program" to "Virus": Software Terms
"Bus" to "Printer": Hardware Terms

Chapter 21—Internetese: The Internet and its Jargon
Wired Words: Getting On the Internet
A World Wide Web of Words
Can I Get Here From There? Internet Address Terms
More Net Words You Should Know
From Newbie to Netizen: Internet People

Chapter 22—Talking the "Talk" Talk: Email, Chat, and More
"Have Your People Email My People"
Real-Time Talk: Words from Chat and Instant Messaging
Usenet Lingo for Newsgroupies
The Incendiary Internet: Playing the Flame Game
An Initial Look at Internet Abbreviations
Internet Hieroglyphics: Smileys

Part 6—Vocabucopia: An Abundance of Miscellaneous Word Treats

Chapter 23—Speaking in Tongues: Words from Foreign Languages
Ad Hoc to Sine Qua Non: Latin Words
Au Contraire to Nouveau Riche: French Words
Autobahn to Zeitgest: German Words
Casa to Kvetch: Words from Other Languages

Chapter 24—Names of Things You Didnít Know Had Names
Names for Body Parts
Names for Sleep Things
Names for Traffic Things
Miscellaneous Names

Chapter 25—Brave New Words
Ad Creep to Casualization
Chad to Day Trading
Entreprenerd to Learning a Living
Lexus Liberal to Screenager
Soccer Mom to Zine

Chapter 26—Making Word Whoopee: Fun Words
Akimbo to Flibbertigibbet
Galoot to Hullaballoo
Kibosh to Nincompoop
Razzmatazz to Thingamajig
Tomfoolery to Zilch

Part 9—Sharpening Your Skills: More Words You Should Know

Chapter 27—100 Nouns You Should Know
Acclaim to Catalyst
Catch-22 to Embargo
Enigma to Juxtaposition
Labyrinth to Recourse
Repertoire to Zenith

Chapter 28—100 Verbs You Should Know
Abstain to Censure
Circumvent to Ensue
Ensure to Jeopardize
Jettison to Purport
Raze to Yearn

Chapter 29—100 Adjectives You Should Know
Abrasive to Concerted
Conducive to Esoteric
Ethical to Innocuous
Insidious to Procrustean
Prodigious to Wry

Part 8—Appendixes

Appendix A—Answers to End-of-Chapter 30—Prefixes and Suffixes
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